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Doug & Marion Wells

Doug & Marion Wells

Helping Families Since 1985


Now that I have had time to relax and settle in, I would like to let you know how much I have appreciated your professional and service. I give great thanks to the both of you for your amazing de#ation in finding me a perfect home. Your strong work ethic, organization, and reliability you displayed were not only comforting, but also commendable. I constantly felt reassured, having been always kept up-to-date with any progress and information throughout the whole process. Because of your energetic and enthusiastic attitude, I found myself excited and confident that all was going well. Do not hesitate to use me as a reference; I would take genuine pleasure in recommending your first-rate services.

Jo Ann Pinick

Well, it's been just over two months since we sold our house in San Jose, and although wehave communicated with each other a couple of times since then as you resolved a few post-closing items that we had with the Title Co., we just want to take a few minutes to let youknow how much we were impressed with your representation.From the very first meeting right through to the close of escrow (and even beyond that date),your industry knowledge and professionalism gave us the comfort level that we needed as wewent through the process of selling our home of 35 years. You kept us informed every stepof the way, providing us with answers to questions before we even had to ask them. Yourfriendly manner was very much appreciated as well. When we reflect on the totality of theexperience, our positive feelings are magnified as we remember that the process occurred during a time that was less than ideal for sellers.We want to formally say "thank you" for a job well done, and wish you nothing but the best.

Janet & Pete McErlean

“We have been in our new home for 8 months now. Doug and Marion could not have been more helpful. They took the time to get to know our family. We not only found the perfect house but an amazing neighborhood. Marion took the time to show us more than just houses. She took the time to find out where we like to shop, our hobbies and interests as well as the educational needs of our children. She made sure we were not only finding a house but a neighborhood. A place we could call HOME and be happy in. She took great interest in making sure we knew both the pros and cons of our community like traffic patterns and neighborhood activities as well as public transit. We love the area we live in. We came here from the East Coast and knew very little of the area or the process of purchasing a home in California. Doug and Marion were there every step of the way from searching, to offering, to closing and beyond. Doug explained every detail of the process and made us feel comfortable the entire time. Doug and Marion both have a strong attention to detail and made sure we were always fully informed. Their service didn't stop at closing either. The have touched base periodically to make sure we were doing well. Doug and Marion are an excellent team for finding a new home and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future."

Judie Kemp

Congratulations! On behalf of the entire Better Homes and Gardens@ Real Estate team, I wanted to commend you on your outstanding sales performance in 2009. Your dedication and hard work have established you as one of the forerunners in the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network. We want to ensure that your performance, in one of the most challenging years in the history of real estate, receives the level of recognition deserving of your commendable nerformance.It is with great pleasure that we welcome you as a 2010 Achievement Award recipient, to a distinguished and exclusive group of elite performers within the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network.We know such an achievement does not come easily, and we compliment you on your success; you are setting a high standard for others to follow. As we grow our new national real estate brand together, we realize how fortunate we, your broker and your buyers and sellers are, to have such a talented contributor and leader on our team.Your new designation adds credibility to your expertise and we encourage you to highlight and market the fact that you are a 2010 Achievement Award level recipient.As a token of our appreciation please accept the enclosed trophy to celebrate your success. A lapel pin will be shipped to you soon. We encourage you to include your award designation logo on your business cards and future marketing collateral. Wishing you a successful and prosperous year ahead.

Sherry Chris

President & CEO

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC

This letter is a recommendation of the great work Marion and Doug did in helping us sell our home in the Evergreen area of San Jose. When we decided to put the house on the market, we contacted them. They came out and gave us suggestions on how to stage the house and a time line of getting the house on the market and various other dates. And most importantly they worked with us to establish a price that would be completive in our area. Doug did all the research of property in the area that was and was not selling. That included pictures of the properties that were still on the market and some of the ones that had sold recently. They suggested a price and between the four of us, we came up with a price the we thought would be the middle of the market in our area and also satisfy our needs of a profit on the property.We did everything they suggested as far as staging the house, from removing furniture to painting a couple of rooms. Marion suggested I remove any personal items, like pictures, and valuable collectables. Doug did a great job of taking pictures for the web site and flier. From then on Marion handled the everyday business of getting the house on the market and all the paper work and follow up process after the house sold.Marion was very professional in explaining all the disclosers and other paper work that needs to be done before the house goes on the market.The house went on the market on a Wednesday and by that weekend, the house sold. I contribute that to the suggestions of staging the house and the price we all came up with. We had 2 parties look at the house the first day and many others over the weekend. After the counteroffer was given the real work started for Marion. Because the house sold so fast, we did not have a open house or a realtor walk though. So I don't know anything of how Marion or Doug handles the part of selling and showing a property.The appraisal came in below the agreed selling price so we may have been a little too high. But it was still in our price range and we accepted the appraisal's price without disputing it. That was something Marion did suggest we could do. Every time there was a situation that came up she would give us options of what could be done and the choices we had. The last two weeks before the house closed and was funded, Marion called us every day and let us know what was happening. We were never in the dark.Although this whole process was very stressful, we felt we had a win-win deal when the sale was finished . Both Marion and Doug conducted themselves in a very professional way. We are now established in our new home and we know the new buyer is very satisfied with their purchase.Enter Content here

Bobby and Nadine Yother

Due to financial difficulties and a home that had lost half of its value, my wife and I were recently forced -to sell our home through the short sale process. This was a very difficult and stressful event for us, both financially and emotionaliy.The one bright spot through it al] was having the help and support of Dotig and Marion Wells to help guide us throughout this challenging and difficult time. They constantly called to keep us updated every time there was a development, but also just to let us know that nothing had changed when we were still waiting to hear back from the bank. This took a lot of stress and uncertainty out of the experience by keeping my wife and I in the loop. They were very good at telling us what their experiences had been with other short sales and also sharing current changes and that they had learned from the other real estate agents in their firm Ventura Barnett properfes. This was very helpful as things were changing by the week with the huge influx of loan modifications, short sales, and foreclosures, due to the collapse of the housing market. They always reminded us that nothing was ever certain, with each lender doing things differently and at different speeds, but sharing their experience with some lenders taking this amount of time and other lenders usually taking that amount of time. Without making promises, they simply told us what we most likely could expect and this was crucial for our peace of mind as we navigated through these uncertain waters. Finally, when we were all set to meet and sign papers at the title company, I got stuck back east in a storm with my airline job and was unable to attend. This could of derailed everything as we were in the last two days of escrow and Doug had a prior commitment the next morning, the only time both my wife and I were able to come together. Thankfully this was no problem as Marion was able to fill in and show up on short notice to complete the sale. That's the great thing about working with Doug and Marion as I found out that they are a geat team and we were fortunate to be able to work with both of them and benefit from both of their expertise.In closing I would just like to say that having Doug and Marion Wells in our corner while going through a sfressful time during our short sale was the best decision we could of made. I can only imagine how helpful they'll be during a more erûoyable time in the future when we are able to buy our next home.

Christopher and Robin Nelson

Now that we have had a chance to settle in to our new home in Hawaii, we want to let you know how much we appreciate your help in selling our two homes in San Jose this past year. We both believe that your expertise and professionalism made it possible to sell our homes quickly and at the best price possible. We sold our homes in 2009, which was one of the toughest and most turbulent markets in recent history.The first home needed some fix-ups, which you both helped to guide us through with your recommendations. You had a list of reputable contractors ready to help, and the repairs were done within a few weeks at a reasonable cost. We also followed your advice and used a staging service to create a warm atmosphere when the house was being shown to potential buyers. With these touches and a proper pricing strategy, the house sold in March 2009 to qualified buyers, less than three weeks after it went on the market. Your title company was also very helpful in the closing process, which included dividing the net proceeds between us and another co-owner.We prepared our second home in San Jose to sell shortly thereafter -- it went on the market in early June 2009, and was sold by the end of the month. You communicated in the listing service that our family was still living in the house, and the agents and their clients were all very respectful and considerate. We followed your advice on making the house less cluttered, and as neutral as possible in color and theme. Your suggestions and pricing strategy again rewarded us — we had qualified buyers with an offer near our asking price within a few weeks.We are very glad we used you as our realtors, and would recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home. Your experience and calm guidance was extremely helpful as we strived to meet certain timeframes and financial goals in order to complete our move to Hawaii. Your experience and knowledge in real estate transactions in the San Jose area was a huge factor in helping us to meet our goals. We would be happy to discuss our experience with you as realtors with any potential clients.

Kevin and Jeanna Thacker